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If you are using a program other than Adobe Reader and the PDF does not open properly, please try reading the program with Adobe Reader. Most PDF files are accessible to people with low vision using the zoom feature. They are produced using Adobe Acrobat 6 or later. Par exemple :. Si vous ne souhaitez modifier que la taille du texte, cochez la case Zoom sur texte seulement. If you are using an older computer that cannot support Adobe Reader 6 or later, or you are on a computer that does not allow you to install Adobe Reader: Right-click PC or option-click Mac the file name. Right-click the PDF link.

Select Save target as… or Save link target as… Navigate to where you want to save the file, and take note of where you put it. Open Adobe Reader 6. In the File menu, select Open… Navigate to where you saved the file, select it, and click Open. The file will open in Adobe Reader 6. Cliquez avec le bouton droit de la souris sur le lien PDF. You can find many product drawings and schematics in PDF format The lines will import as Sketchup edges. This will allow you to draw or extrude directly off of your imported file. The converter is free.

Raster vs. If these terms sound familiar, it's probably because you're remembering them from Layout. Layout gives you the option of rendering your Sketchup models as raster, vector, or a hybrid of the two. It's the same basic principle. Converting the PDF is straightforward. Download and install Inkscape using the standard settings.

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When you go to the website, you'll see a download link on the top right corner of the page. You can customize the install if you'd like, but the standard settings work fine. Select a moulding profile in the PDF and make a note as to which page it is on.

When you open the PDF in Inkscape, it can only open one page at a time, so you'll have to specify. Sometimes it's faster to extract the page you want as a separate PDF, and then open it in Inkscape. Large files will take some time to open in Inkscape. When viewing PDFs in your browser, just go to the page you want, right click and select print.

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Then just make sure you only select the page you're on, select "Save as PDF", and you're all set! Type in a file name and click Save. Honestly, I don't even mess with it because I end up having to scale it in Sketchup anyways because I've either selected the wrong unit or the PDF isn't to scale anyways. Just click OK.

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This is important! If you don't do this, you won't be able to find your file. I've forgotten to select the file type before and it can be very frustrating because it won't show the file even if you're in the right folder. Navigate to the file you just created, ending in DXF.

Click Open. After the import, you'll see a window with a summary of what was imported. Sketchup will ignore text and any raster data. When you click Close, you'll see your imported file converted to Sketchup Edges.

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Likely your import will be out of scale, so you'll need to resize it with the tape measure tool. Look back to your PDF and find a dimension between two points. Now, in Sketchup open the component by double clicking on it with the select tool, then measure those same two points on your model using the tape measure tool. You'll probably notice the measurement that shows up in the VCB is very different from the dimension shown on the PDF Sketchup will ask if you want to resize your component, click Yes. Your imported file should now be scaled correctly, and you can now begin drawing.

Working with your Imported File Now that you've imported and scaled the moulding profile, you'll just delete all the extra profiles and edges you don't need. Sometimes the import doesn't go very well and there are broken lines, or jagged edges. You might be forced to trace over the profile : On the other hand, you may notice that the moulding is VERY accurately drawn.

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